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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Hotel Irvine

The Hotel Irvine 

The Hotel Irvine is such a fantastic hotel for the price per room.  When I was first hunting for a hotel In the Irvine area using Hotels.com I looked at several before booking The Hotel Irvine.   It always seems that when a price is good it must be too good to be true, but not at the Hotel Irvine.  Located right near John Wayne Airport and off the 405. It's an about a 30-minute drive to Huntington Beach and 20 minutes to Newport Beach, Fashion Island and  Irvine Spectrum.

The entrance and is beautiful and tropical feeling with a fresh feeling of being relevant to all ages.  A happening Red Bar to the right pipes up beat music and usually has an event going on or planned.  The Market place is like no other hotel stores I've seen.  It literally has everything including fresh food such as Pizza and sandwiches, sandwiches and tons more.  The prices are very reasonable which is great and benefits everyone.   The Hotel Restaurant has an open concept and fire pit to sit around and socialize. Check out  Food & Drink
The outside grounds are beautiful and well kept.  The pool complete with cabanas and pool staff makes the expereience wonderful.  There are several options for drink packages and food, just like the marketplace is reasonable.  This is really why I love the Hotel Irvine so much is that the pool experience is amazing for the nightly price.  I have told numerous people about this Hotel.
Locals might know it for its fantastic events.  We happened to be there for their annual Mother's day Brunch which we couldn't believe the number of people that came through the event and I think we may have seen Llamas to pet.   Check out all the things to do PLAY
The rooms are very spacious, clean and bedding comfortable. I stayed in a standard room, but it looks like there are some great options for Suites
The hotel staff is helpful and kind.  I noticed several big conference rooms and spaces for events and weddings. Events 

So next time you are in the Irvine Californial area for business or leisure check out this great hotel!  I know I'm heading there again hopefully soon!!

Disclaimer:  I do not get paid to try these hotels or review them, I just like to give credit where credit is due.  That being said, if you are a Hotel that would like me to review your digs.. Please click over at the contact page. 

When you are from a cold state and it's 68d's in CA

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