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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hotel DeLuxe

Hotel DeLuxe

Recently I visited the Hotel Deluxe Portland for one night.   It was New Years so I thought for sure the prices were going to be through the beautiful vintage roof, but I actually got a fantastic last minute deal through Priceline.com, SO last minute that by the time we drove from the house to the Hotel they didn't have our reservation all dialed in yet.  The front desk attendant was so friendly and welcoming as she processed the awkward booking of a a room that wasn't showing up on the system.  Once she found it she realized there were no rooms as such that we booked but asked if we would mind having the Queen Suite instead of the King room.  Anytime suite is attached to the question at a nice hotel..  I say "yes".  I would have taken the twin suite at that point.


Spinning around from the front desk, holding my classic movie themed keys, the view into the lobby is a cozy, living room style with couches a beautiful Christmas tree, grand piano.  Centered in the middle, a vintage black and white picture of a classic Movie favorite which apparently they rotate 30,40,50's screen shots. The beams and detail on the ceiling were beautiful and the well kept heritage and charm of the historical building were not missed.


Our Queen Suite was charming with 2 rooms a living and bedroom.  It was located at the end of the hallway so very quite and a corner view.  I would say the only thing that was noticeable were the loud old pipes making it obvious of other guests were nearby.  The room had everything one could think of and felt just like we were in a luxury Eropean hotel.

Parking: Valet or parking structure across the way.  Also an option you snag a 4 hour spot along the block for free after 7P.   We didn't have to buy a ticket at all due to the Holiday, but normally you'd have to get up and buy a ticket the next morning until checkout, so maybe the Parking garage is best for longer stays.

Location:   Right down from Providence Park where the Timbers and Thorns play.  Easy walk to restaurants, and max line to other parts of Portland and the Pearl.

Food:  The hotel has several dining options, the restaurant Gracie's is the largest and unfortunately we did not get a chance to try it due to a private wedding and diets after the new year.  It looked amazing though https://www.hoteldeluxeportland.com/eat-drink/gracies/  .

If you are looking for a boutique style hotel and in a great location with excellent service and price I would definitely book at Hotel DeLuxe. It was recently recognized as one of Portland's favorites in the 2017 Conde' Nast Travelers readers choice awards.

YELP: https://www.yelp.com/biz/hotel-deluxe-portland

729 SW 15th Avenue
Portland, OR 97205 
Disclaimer:  I do not get paid to try these hotels or review them, I just like to give credit where credit is due.  That being said, if you are a Hotel that would like me to review your digs.. Please click over at the contact page. 

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