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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Hudson Hotel New York City

The Hudson Hotel

I've always heard that New York hotels are super expensive so when hunting for my first New York experience and not breaking the bank, I was super excited to find the Hudson Hotel.  Literally, just around the corner from Central Park it was the perfect location unless of course you are walking late at night and have your map turned around, then it seems real far from everything.   Who says that happened though.

We had a little trouble finding the hotel at first due to construction but once we did we escalated up the to the lobby and were pleasantly surprised.   It was an excellent vibe, swanky feel beating our expectations.  Once up on our floor we could tell maybe some remodeling had been done or at the very least still in process.  I'm pretty sure they hired an intern as a painter as the door frame and wall didn't seem to have a definitive separation of the bright green door paint.  While on the subject..I question the meeting that took place deciding on the bright green door paint.

The room was smaller than the pictures showed, but I remembered the price and also the fact anything in NYC is expensive.  Kudos to wide-angle cameras.. you are doing a good job at your job.  I wasn't super enamored  by the room or decor and it didn't have a lot of amenities, but the other features of the hotel made up for this.  Plus we spent most of our time outside our room accept to sleep.   The very small bathroom felt cold and as if I was time-warped to my Grandpa's bathroom in the 1940s.  I didn't see any bottles of Old Spice though so we are good.

Looking out the window of the cityscape and seeing all the lights of thousands of other rooms of homes was eerily cozy.  Picturing myself living there and what it would be like to live in this amazing city, walking up to these sounds and sites every day.

The Restaurant we tried down off the main lobby had the most amazing hamburgers and fries.  The atmosphere was great and the prices reasonable.   There are wonderful places to sit outside in the garden rooftop areas which depending on the time of year would be much more glorious than when we were there, but I can see a vision of what it might be.

Overall I loved the Hudson.  I thought it was a great value for what we got.  I could have used a few more amenities in our room, those little added touches, but would definitely stay here again if we got the same price through Hotels.com.


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