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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New York New York Las Vegas

New York New York -Las Vegas

Our flight is late, we strangely get into the wrong Uber but make it to our Hotel New York New York in Las Vegas.   We are not regulars to the Vegas area so gambling is not our draw obviously and my $20 I bet on slots gets nursed along for about an hour.   But checking into the NYNY hotel we won the jackpot.  It was 11pm our room should have been ready, but it wasn't, which is so weird.  After the host was on the phone for a while he finally attended to us and said "well you have 2 options..you can either wait for 20 minutes for your room, or you can stay in the Penthouse for the evening.  We thought about it for about -10 seconds and both said: "UM Penthouse please"!  It was then I was re-thinking my choice not to spend more than $20 on the slot machines.   So this review will cover two types of rooms the Penthouse suite, which I have no idea how much it goes per night, because it's not anywhere on the internet, and the regular King size room.

The Penthouse:  DANG!!! Who stays like this.. probably people who spend more than $20 at the casino.   Gorgeous and huge it had everything but great instructions on how to use the surround sound system.  We struggled but soon were having a dance party in one of the rooms.   The views were amazing, the bathroom was bigger than my dining room and entry and the bed was super comfortable.  We slept well and sadly had to check out at 11 to a more standard room.  BUT it was fun while it lasted and I'm happy to oblige again.  Thank You Front Desk Man & NYNY LVegas!

King Size Standard Room:    At $95/night not bad.  Hard not to compare our new digs to the wonderland upstairs but suddenly we feel rich again.   Same quality bed honestly, just no Jacuzzi tub living room, marble floors, and wet bar.   Sadly the standard room does not even come with a coffee maker which made it clear why the Starbucks line was around the corner.   Our room back up to the NYNY roller coaster that wraps around the entire hotel.  We were lucky to be by the first drop so as you can imagine there were some screams.  Thankfully they close the rollercoaster at 11pm so it's not a distraction for sleeping.  The Roller Coaster is $15 to ride, which I thought was pretty steep for LV.  Someone once told me that Las Vegas was so reasonable with food and entertainment but we are either really cheap or don't get out much because we found it to be the opposite.

New York New York Las Vegas is right across the bridge from the MGM Grand which takes about 40 minutes for the average walker.. end to end.  My fit bit was congratulating me 7 times over in a day.  Don't worry about eating a donut, you will walk it off just walking from your room to the front desk.    Back at the NYNY ranch, I liked the smaller footprint of this hotel.  The cobblestone streets, anchored by the New York Style building were a nice touch.  A Ton of people enjoyed the dueling pianos at the Irish Pub.  NewYork Style Pizza, Italian, the Hershey Shop, Sushi and MORE!
give you lots of options for dining.   The Casino in the middle is smaller, nothing like some of the other Hotels and mostly machines.  Of course, how can you compare to the Bellagio Tables, that was sure a different experience. 

Overall the New York New York didn't disappoint10 pools.  But hey, I got a chair and it was refreshing. I'd love to check out The Tank at the Golden Nugget!

.  We thought the service was nice (of course we did get the penthouse) and it was easy to navigate.  The pool was just okay.. not a real draw compared to the MGM across the street, or some of the other top

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