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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Hotel Eastlund

I first discovered the Hotel Eastlund while picking up a Real Estate client who was moving to the Portland Oregon area.  The East Side of Portland along the Willamette River has been slower to develop than the Downtown area.  Gradually, as space is needed for more entertainment and housing, the East has been more developed and more business, restaurants, and hotels are popping up.  There are also some great city views from that side of town as well as easy access to the Oregon Convention Center and the Moda Center and Max Train Line that goes through the city.
If Only I Smoked I'd be HOT!

Enter the Hotel Eastlund and it feels very trendy and hip.  The lobby and open space of leather lounge couches and cloth chairs, the separate space with a long meeting table, surrounded by relevant colors, art, and decor.   The front desk staff was welcoming and helpful.   We were hopeful that our room was going to be just as nice and experience great.  Our room was really nice, but there's more to the story.

One of my biggest complaints is when you book a room through a discount site and the rooms pictured are not what you get.   I can't tell you how many times we booked a room that was on discount with a regular price of some astronomical number, think we are set for a great deal and view, open the window to a brick wall.    This was our experience at the hotel Eastlund for New Year's Eve.   Granted we booked kind of last minute, but the picture showed a view of the city.  We opened the curtains and we gazed at our view of a building plastic wrapped in white under construction.  Dreams do come true.

Our Beautiful "City View" left and View from Altabira Right
There are 168 rooms and suites with California King and California Double Queens.  Can I just say a big thank you for these options!! I am so over hotels putting 2 Doubles in the rooms and selling it as a 4 person room.  Seriously, who sleeps all night spooning! The double bed is the worst and most insensitive choice for comfort and guest happiness.

The room was really nice and everything was very comfortable.  A similar orange theme carries throughout the hotel and it's artistic flair. Luxurious bedding and service for it's guests.

At the rooftop restaurant Altabira City Tavern we found a great space to finally see the views the hotel boasted about.  No plastic wrap this time, just the two beautiful spires of the Oregon Convention Center with the twinkling city lights around it.   The other option for dining is the Citizen Baker, a more casual approach and the food was really tasty and seemingly healthy.  The food servers behind the counter could take a little class on smiling and friendliness but I'll give them a pass this time, maybe their Avocados were not ripe.

Instagram Fun
The Hotel Eastlund has a very fun looking Instagram page you can follow here Instagram Hotel Eastlund.   

Book a room this month for $135/night at Hotels.com and other discount sights.  Keep in mind you have to pay for parking but it is a secure parking lot.

The Yellow Couch Mashup

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