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Monday, August 19, 2019

Pacific City Oregon

Beaches of Oregon -Pacific City

About and 1.5 hours from Portland is Pacific City, one of the go-to hot spots along the Oregon
Coast.  On a hot summer day, this beach feels very much like you are in a surfing town along a California coast.  The difference is the water is much cooler but you still get a ton of surfers and beachgoers.  Pacific City seems to be drawing more people each year and development has punched a bit of its quaintness.  One of the beaches most visible attractions is the enormous sand dune Cape Kiawanda Natural Area.   A popular area to climb to the top and see gorgeous views from the top. 
You will probably sweat a lot going up the steep dune, but your reward at the top will be worth it! 
The cape is also a great spot for Paraglider watching or if you want to pick up the sport yourself.

At the base of the dune, there are areas where you can bound around on rocks and boulders near the crashing waves, watch sea life and collect shells  Perfect for pictures and watching the waves, or maybe even a wedding!
One of the more unique things about Pacific City is the ability to drive right onto the beach.  This is because people launch their fishing boats from here.  I have to say it's a little strange always to be driving on the beach and seems so barbaric to nature, but even so, it's allowed.  Inevitably as the tide comes in you will find some struggling party screaming trying to get their car out of the sand while the wheels are turning and water is threatening to take over their vehicle. 

The biggest more popular place to eat is  The Pelican that sits steps from the sand overlooking the ocean and Haystack Rock.  This is 1 of 2 Haystack rocks on the Oregon coast, the most iconic at Cannon Beach.  I don't understand why they named a second one Haystack Rock when the naming of rocks meeting happened, but maybe it was one of those things where they didn't realize until it was too late and on a map.  Back in the day, they didn't have the internet to check things like this so an easy mistake I'm sure.  They both do look like Haystacks.  The Pelican has decent food, a little pricey, but sitting on the patio at sunset is one of my favorite things to do at Pacific City.
Nearby there are other things to do like floating down the Nestucca River!  Never done it but looks fun.  If you like Horses there is Horseback riding, fishing, hiking and kite flying of course! If it's too cold and windy outside and you still want to have some fun there is an indoor pool right behind the marketplace.  The Marketplace also has great souvenirs groceries and things you may have forgotten to pack, as well as great ice cream!

Stunning Views

Climbing the sand dune is hard but reward is great!


Here are the best places to eat and drink in Pacific City.

The Pelican
Ben & Jeffs Burgers and Tacos
Doryland Pizza
Stimulus Coffee & Bakery
It can be quite windy at Pacific City!

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