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Friday, August 9, 2019

The Allison Inn and Spa Review

Luxury In Yamhill County- The Allison Inn & Spa

The Allison Inn is a big player in Oregon Wine Country which apparently is home to over 500 wineries.   Otherwise known as Yamhill County situated in Newberg Oregon, the Allison is definitely a place to go for a special occasion.   It's on the pricier side of hotels.  Thanks to a healthy gift card we were able to stay one night and eat dinner with a little left over.   The staff is welcoming and friendly and once checked in will walk you to your room and show you all the details.  Details down to how to turn on the fancy lights and the ins and out of the fireplace and TV as well as where the spa and restaurant is.  A nice touch for sure.  The room was very nice and comfortable and we loved the balcony that overlooked the garden area.  There was even a basket of snacks included.  We always tread lightly with the snacks after a horrible mistake on our honeymoon where we didn't realize the basket of snacks provided, cost extra.  We ate about $50 worth of snacks in 5 minutes that honeymoon night.  We literally go in all search and recover mode trying to find the hidden cost list.  as our snack PTS is real! The Allison Inn truly gives free snacks, although I'm sure that is whey the room is so extra expensive.  The Allison has left no stone unturned when it comes to room comfort, cleanliness, amenities, and dining experience.   Our meal including wine and dessert and salads came to about $275.  It was glorious to say the least but again #giftcard.   The food and service were incredible.    We are not spa people but were hoping to take a dip in the spa's soaking mineral tub or pool.. and there was not a soul around every time we walked by.  When we finally went after dinner we were surprised to see it closed super early at around 9:00 which I think for a place that is really catered to Adults is way too early.  Most less expensive hotels close their pools at 10:30 or 11:00.  This was a huge disspaointment especially since we were not going to splurge on a spa treatment.  Hey, don't judge we are not really spa service kind of people.    All in all, it was a great experience but the prices charged seemed to be over the top in every way.  I imagine spa people going there for a weekend and throwing down 2-3k dollars for a weekend and honestly, I'd rather take that chance somewhere more tropical.

View From the Room

The Meals at The Allison Inn are delicious and beautifully displayed.  Please find everything you need here Jory

In house room service is very reasonable and delicious as well.  We did the charcuterie board full of delicious NW cheeses, crackers, and nuts.

Don't forget to let them know it's a special occasion, chances are you will find a welcome bottle of wine in your room!  

A side note:  Sometimes when they say it will be ready in 30 minutes they really mean someone will knock on the door in 10 minutes! So make sure you are dressed and ready.  Not that this happened or anything! Surprise!!

Things to do nearby: 
-Newberg is a nice little town with the main street of shops, coffee shops and restaurants.
-Wine Country is just minutes away!  My favorites are Stoller & Durant for their great atmosphere and good food.  Don't forget to try the olive oils at Durant.  
-Feeling like a Drive-in Movie?? Newberg has one of the only remaining Drive-Ins around. 
-Like Antiques?  Lafayette has some great options and further down about 30 minutes to Micminville you will find even more shops.
-McMinnville- Shops, Food, Air Museum, and Water Park

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