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Our First Trip To Cabo San Lucas Mexico

We finally made it to Cabo San Lucas!   If you have never been and are planning to take a trip, here are some trip ideas. 

We stayed 3 days at the Hilton Los Pacifica Los Cabos half way between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.  Check out full review and pictures in Hotel Reviews.  This resort was fantastic in every way.  There were plenty of pools, lounge chairs, beach front, beach bars, pool bars and the food were outstanding.    The rooms are really nice and our view was fantastic.   One look at the menu the first night at the resort we decided to do the all-inclusive which was definitely worth it.   This allowed us to try a lot of different food items without worrying about the price.   The food was outstanding in all locations and that comes from two people who can be tough customers.  Not that we are overly picky eaters, we just like food to be a little on the creative side in flavors, presentation and portion size.   If we are traveling, we’d like to have food from that area that we don’t normally eat from, so eating Italian in Mexico is not an option for us.    We noticed for some reason everyone there thinks Americans just want to eat Italian Food when they go out for a fancy dinner. 

Our second stop was in Cabo San Lucas  where we stayed at the Solmar Resort which is right NEXT to Grand Solmar at Lands End , Location was great for a beautiful view but we would not go back to this resort again.  We would go to Grand Solmar at Lands End as their resort was absolutely stunning and the pool situation was a 10/10.   Sadly where we stayed at the Solmar resort, it was outdated compared to next door where the grass was truly greener on the other side!   I did learn you get what you pay for even though the people in all places were lovely and welcoming.  It seems like prime land and ready for a re-do or extension to the Grand Solmar.  Maybe it just wasn’t for us. 

Renting a Car
:  We were told mixed messages about renting a car in Cabo but we decided to rent one for a day to go visit some friends in Todos Santos which is an hour north of Cabo.   It was an easy drive for the most part very clear free-way style driving and the end result to see Todos Santos was really worth it.   We rented through our hotel and the car company delivered it to us and off we went.  It was not easy driving for sure, Ward was on high alert at all times.   Next time we will rent for one more day and include a drive up to La Paz as we hear that is the place to experience some of the best snorkeling and beautiful scenery. If you don’t want to rent a car there is also UBER which worked really well, and private drivers that would take you for the day to many places.  Our Uber drivers were great! 

Todos Santos:   What a cute town, we are so glad we took the trip up there for the day and we ate and a couple great spots.  You’ll find the “Hotel California” from the iconic song and great rooftop restaurants and tucked way bars and spots to eat amazing food.   We had a nacho and the best margarita on a roof top bar and then went to eat dinner at a great outdoor space called El Refugio,  The food was outstanding the setting perfect.    Todos Santos is home to beautiful beaches but even though you feel like you are secluded we had some friends get their wallets taken while frolicking in the ocean.   Overall we felt very safe and the people were really nice. 

San Jose Del Cabo:  

This seems to be one of the popular places to go for people who don’t want to stay in Cabo central.   Thursday’s, they have and outdoor art festival which we decided to check out.  It was very popular and super-hot so we didn’t stay long, but the center of town is fun and has some great areas for pictures and again more eating.  San Jose has some gorgeous hotels and more upscale shopping than Cabo downtown which is more bars and party lifestyle and smaller tourists' shops.Travel In Style

Travel In Style Boating We decided to do a shorter boat tour out of the Cabo marina to see the famous Arch. We are glad we didn’t do a longer one as the waves were choppy and it was a little sea sick.  We got a few great pictures and it was just enough time.  I think a sunset cruise would be fun, the cruises that provide dinners.  We just decided to do the smaller boat venture and eat dinner on land.    The marina has some great options for excursions and you can negotiate better than through the hotels.   Although if you are going to listen to a time share presentation often, they throw these tours in for free.  Horseback riding, ATV’s, rope courses and many other adventures can also be found on Groupon so be sure to check out those prices and ideas on that site.  

On our last morning we walked along the main beach of hotel row which is where you will find access to parasailing, jet skis, swimming areas and tons and tons of vendors on the beach.   No gracious was a key word to say as they are pretty aggressive and will come right up to you with their “fine goods”.   We loved seeing all the people and yachts from this vantage point.   We enjoyed our final lunch at one of the amazing taquerias downtown and then headed to the airport, sand still in our toes.    

We would love to go back; we would probably spend more time in beach cities north of Cabo such as Cerritos and Todos Santos and La Paz ending with a trip over to the east coast of Baja.  If you have been to Cabo, I’d love to hear about your adventures in the comments below.   Feel free to ask me any questions about our trip.   


  • Always check your receipt at checkout, we noticed $200 discrepancy that they randomly put on our bill.  With a little pressure they took it off.  
  • All-inclusive is not a bad deal if you are primarily staying at your resort.  We did both since we wanted to eat at some other restaurants the second half of the trip.
  • The smaller taquerias are a wonderful authentic way to eat meals and usually less expensive than the resort food. 
  • Of course don’t drink the water but there are plenty of bottled water options 
  • If you rent a car, it makes it easy to go to a local grocery store and stock up on snacks and beverages for the trip 
  • Don’t lose your immigration ticket or throw it away, we lost one of ours and had to get another one at the airport for $35 
  • Give yourself enough time to get back to the airport if there is an accident it can take up to 2 hours and keep cash for tolls if you take an Uber back to the airport you can go the faster way.   

Resources:    We flew Alaska Airlines BOGO,  Flight from Portland- Seattle then Cabo 12 hours total travel time (too long),  Hotel compliments of Hilton Grand Vacations and, Enterprise Rental Cars MX.    

Thanks for reading our adventure, until we find our next somewhere!  Please follow Finding.somewhere on Instagram 

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  1. Such a great trip! I’m looking forward to spending more time in that area in the near future.


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