Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Newport Beach Oregon

Newport Beach

About 2 hours south of Portland Oregon is Newport Beach.  A place that you will find a little something for everyone.   There are plenty of places to choose ocean front hotels.  The two best locations in the Newport area are Nye Beach and The Marina.   Nye beach steps away from the ocean and you will love the choices of restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream and hotels.   Nye Beach is one of our favorites and it seems to be kind of Newports best kept secret.  I’ve lived in Oregon my entire life and just recently
discovered Nye Beach.   The Historic Bayfront Marina, is the most popular place to visit at Newport Beach, and will not disappoint when it comes to views of the harbor, the ships, the iconic Newport Yaquina Bay Bridge, restaurants and shops.  The Newport Marina is by far more touristy feeling than Nye Beach.   One of the funniest experiences we had was eating dinner at Clearwater out on the patio.  The restaurant, which was supposed to be a romantic dinner to celebrate our anniversary, sits right next to the docks where all the Sea Lions were laying around barking at each other and fighting.   It was so loud at times we couldn’t even hear our conversation.   It was cute at first but got to be a little much after a while, which was too bad because the restaurant was otherwise really good.   It’s fun to walk around and driving over across the Marina you can walk along the pier (right next to Rogue Brewery).  This vantage point gave of some great pictures!   Our favorite restaurant there Local Ocean Seafoods.     We also went to Agate Beach and still perplexed to this day why it’s called that because we did not see one Agate.    We recommend for a easy and affordable approach to ocean front to check out the Whaler.  The rooms are good size and the views are perfect for the affordability.   A couple notches up I would highly recommend Inn at Nye Beach which is home to the only outdoor infinity spa with panoramic ocean view.   

There are several picturesque spots to take photos and we had a great time capturing some gorgeous nature photography.   Newport is also home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium where you will see every kind of sea life and some you’d probably care not too.   We haven’t been for a really long time so I can’t give you a detailed description but know that is is definitely a destination spot especially with kids.   Check out the Yaquina Light House near the Yaquina Bay Bridge 

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