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About Courtney

My name is Courtney and one of my favorite things to spend money on is travel.  I am lucky to live in the Pacific NW where there are many beautiful places to see.  There will be a lot of posts straight from here because it's such a great destination spot for many.

I love seeing new places experiencing the culture, foods, sights, and sounds.    One unfortunate thing is I don't really care for flying, but over the years I am increasingly trying to get over those fears, or at least manage them. The sure thing I know is that I never want to have fears cripple me from experiencing healthy and wonderful things.   

I also enjoy coming back home.  I think traveling creates a space in your life that causes you to reflect back and miss home.  It causes thankfulness and appreciation for the loved ones in your life and the journey you have been on.  

The most positive and dreamy moments in my life have been traveling whether it be on a long car ride or at the end of a long plane ride.  It's in those moments I have thought about where I have been, where I want to go moving forward and how well am I doing in the current of life that I am now in. Traveling allows space to breathe and reflect.  It opens our eyes to others and to other ways of living and to realize just how amazing the world is and the people who are in it.  

As I continually add content to this blog I hope that it is not only a resource for people but also a space for reflections and a space to dream and get lost in knowing there are wonderful things to explore in this life.  If you are a fearful traveler I hope I can be encouraging to you as I navigate my own fears through the travel process.    

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