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Cool Finds & Ways to Save

Hotels Flights Cars

I always start with Hotels.com.. I like to add up my nights for free stays.   What they do is they average 10 nights for your free night stay.  I literally paid $11 for an Embassy Suites in CA using my nights.  The best part too is that you get credit for your free night too!   The only drawback is some hotels give you the lamest room when you book through a 3rd party discount rate.  Good to double-check and ask ahead of time for a good room!  

Double UP!  Whenever you can double up its great news.  For instance, your a Hilton rewards member so you book through Hotels.com a Hilton Brand Hotel, you not only get points for Hilton but you also get your collected night from Hotels.com!  Many hotel chains offer the points system and perks so check that out before your next booking. 

Other Places to Compare Prices 

Hilton Rewards 
Hopper App

CARS  When renting a car I always check Priceline first followed by Kayak.  Get an idea of what cars are going for and how many people they fit.  Checking to make sure there is unlimited miles avaialble. Most if not all car insurance policy's cover rentals so before you waste your money on insurance upgrade, check with your own. 

Least Favorite:  Budget - they are the worst!!! 
Favorite: Enterprise or Hertz


It really is worth checking online through Groupon to see what they have to offer in the city you are going to visit.   From Restaurants, Spas, Outdoor activities, Nail salons and more, it's great to save some dough on vacation.


Want to enjoy a fancy hotel resort pools without the pricey nightly price? Resort Pass is your ticket in!  Check it out here Resort Pass.  Just enter the state or hotel you want an check out all the options!  Not every hotel in great areas are on there, but it's worth a try!

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